5 sins to avoid as an Event Planning Expert

As an Event Planning Expert there are many key personality attributes that will make you remarkable at your job, however there are also many which need to be avoided! Below are 5 key personality sins which should be averted in order for you to deliver the best possible service as an Event Planning Expert!

5 sins to avoid as an Event Planning Expert

1. Loosing your temper

You need to stay calm, focussed and maintain a clear head. Sometimes you will have to think and act fast to solve problems and issues, some you may have contingency plans for, but others you may not have, where outside of the box thinking is required. Never be rude, no matter how riled someone makes you feel, you need to channel your inner peace. Kill them with kindness, pacify the situation, maintain a level head and offer solutions. As soon as clients see you react in such a calm manner, it is likely they themselves will calm down and mirror your persona. They may not be thinking clearly, and you should not take it personally. Maintaining a professional and courteous manner at all times is so important, even if you do feel your temper rising; this will encourage clients that you have everything under control. Take a deep breath, and smile.

2. Being late

Punctuality is a must; it shows that you are reliable and dedicated. It is never good to start a meeting or an event on the back foot. You may have problems or people to deal with you didn’t know about, so it is a good idea to always allow yourself extra buffer time to be able to sort and arrange alternative plans. You must have the ability to work to deadlines as well, events often run within strict time restrictions.

3. Unrealiability

You must be reliable!! If you frequently let people down and do not deliver to clients or suppliers, word will quickly get around about you and that will negatively affect your reputation. You want people to be offering positive word of mouth referrals about your business to other people and businesses, which is of course the best form of free advertising; you will not secure such referrals if you are unreliable in any way.

4. Not communicating

Always maintain clear communication channels with everyone who you work with; you need to respond to calls, emails, messages in a timely manner and never drop off the grid altogether without informing people prior to a holiday or annual leave. Don’t keep people waiting. You also need to be an attentive listener as an Event Planning Expert, always listen to your clients wants and needs in order to be able to deliver them and turn them into a reality. You need to listen to their ideas, budgets, concerns etc. in order to interpret and deliver them.

5. Disorganisation

If you are disorganised in any way you are going to get yourself in trouble! Be organised, be efficient and prioritise. Keeping lists and checklists on paper or digitally is a great way to keep yourself organised with a clear focus of what your to do list is and what needs to be done. Don’t procrastinate, get things done on time and avoid a back log of jobs. If something does go wrong, you need to have the ability to think quick, problem solve and come up with solutions to implement fast, and that is hard to do when you already have jobs which you were supposed to do yesterday! Being an Event Planning Expert is a fast-paced job which keeps you on your toes; the ability to be organised and to know exactly where you are up to and where you are heading is key!

Being an Event Planning Expert

It can be stressful working in the Event Industry, but the way in which you approach, and handle situations will help lessen stress and increase your job satisfaction and enjoyment. If you avoid the 5 personality sins detailed above, when working as an Event Planning Expert, you will be off to a great start! To find out more about what it takes to be an Event Planning Expert and how you can complete a certified course, [CLICK HERE].

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