Boost your career by becoming an Event Planning Expert.

Event Planning and everything to do with it can be tricky to master- with so many variations and types of events worldwide, it is hard to know what the best ways are to approach and accomplish tasks. You’ve had some experience working within the event industry and you know that you love it, and that you enjoy planning, but you don’t necessarily know what the next step is on your career path? A certified course in Event Planning could be just what you need to help hone and develop your expertise, give you the drive and motivation to make you a true expert and ultimately boost your career!

Move yourself up the Event Industry career ladder

Whether you want to start your own freelancer business, progress within the company you are currently working in or even if Event Planning is only a small part of your daily tasks, becoming a certified Event Planner would enhance your knowledge whilst opening many new doorways and opportunities for you.

Becoming certified will boost your career in many ways

As a certified Event Planning Expert, you will:

  • Receive invaluable training and experience

  • Increase your expertise

  • Learn insider knowledge from true Event Industry professionals

  • Develop confidence in what you are delivering- that you are a genuine expert in your field

  • Gain industry recognition, become more desirable to prospective employers

  • Increase the potential to increase your salary

Further to these points, you will have the opportunity to connect with likeminded people and join a community of event professionals which will provide invaluable networking and development opportunities. By creating a wider network of people in the industry it will allow for your name to get out there and start positive word of mouth referrals to wich will broaden your working possibilities.

Be the Event Planner everyone wants

You will learn all the tools to become the go-to person in your event industry niche; with a clear accreditation attached to the course it instantly proves to everybody, prospective employers or clients, that you know what you’re doing and that you are an expert that can be trusted! It gives them an extra layer of trust that you know what you are doing, that their event is safe in your hands and will be executed to the highest possible standard.

How to become a Certified Event Planning Expert

Here at the Event Experts Academy, we offer a practice and experienced based certified course to become an Event Planning Expert. There are three different ways of completing the course as outlined below.

  • 3 week intensive course

  • 2 month virtual course

  • 2 month live course

If you want to sign up for the course to become a Certified Event Planner visit our website [CLICK HERE] which has more details about each of the individual modules included in the course and the current timetable.

Please do contact us if you have any questions at all about progressing your knowledge and expertise in the Event industry to boost your career by becoming an Event Planning Expert. We wish you every success on your Event Planning career journey.

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