A Day in the life of an Event Planning Expert

A day in the life of an Event Planning Expert is never the same; each day you can be faced with different people, different requirements and different challenges. It is a profession where a top requirement for the job is the ability to be able to multitask and problem solve! You need to have the capability to think on your feet, adapt quickly to multiple situations and anticipate things which may happen in the future, thinking ahead for clients. It can be challenging on some days as you are pulled in different directions and are expected to be able to handle any situation which comes your way! Having to confront a fussy client or a demanding vendor will provide you with challenging moments, but the more you deal with them, the more proficient you will become in knowing how to handle such difficult situations, by staying calm and keeping your cool, always!

Never the same day twice

Variety is the spice of life! On the flip side, there will be so many times when clients, and suppliers, are so overwhelmed with the fantastic job you’ve done for them; think emotional brides who have had their wedding dreams become a reality due to your hard work and determination, or the product launch that just went A+ because of your efforts!,  Being an Event Planning Expert can be very rewarding and your day to day can be full of recognition and accomplishments.

Make a great first impression every day

Your relationship with clients and suppliers can greatly affect your day! Right from the start you need to build a professional rapport with them by intently listening to them and taking action right away. Your unique individuality and how you conduct yourself will be first and foremost what attracts them to you. Clients and suppliers will be more likely to work with you if you are able to strike up an excellent relationship and build trust with them right from the start by being genuine, friendly, an excellent communicator and a great listener to denote to them that you understand them and will deliver a top-class Event Planning service. A client relationship and a supplier relationship do have similarities but also have differences and therefore need to be approached and encouraged accordingly. Keep your relationships healthy and well nurtured to allow for a daily harmonious working environment.

An Event Planning Expert wears many hats every day

As an Event Planning Expert, a day is never repeated! With so many different event types to handle, differing client/venue needs and expectations, you need to be able to quickly adapt and change your thinking and persona at extremely short notice! One day you could be overseeing a convention and the following day you could be overseeing a product launch, or just preparing for an upcoming incentive trip. Each of these different events will have different people attending, with different mindsets and different needs. Being able to ‘wear many hats’ are skills which are not learnt overnight, but with focus, practice and determination, there will be no eventuality or event which you cannot handle. Furthermore, different events all require different aspects- specific venue requirements, dietary and food consideration, venue capacities, special access areas, venue locations, pricing- it may seem daunting but with practice and expert training you will be able to organise all these things!

At the end of the day, it is all about enjoyment

At the end of a long day on your feet there is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you have planned, organised and executed a fantastic event, where clients and your clients’ guests have had a fantastic, memorable experience.  It’s a balancing act getting everything right, getting to know the people you are working with and the people you are working for whilst listening, acting intuitively upon their needs and delivering the best possible service to them.   But take your time to have fun here and there!

Make every day an Event Planning day!

Learning from experience is a great way to instil knowledge and learn valuable lessons within the event planning industry, therefore much of our course at the Event Experts Academy involves practical and experience-based training for working as an Event Planning Expert, as that is how we learn best- learning by doing. It will help best prepare you for anything which may happen in a day in the life of an Event Planning Expert. If this type of day and career sounds like something you would be good at or are interested in, you can find out more about working in the Event Industry on our website HERE.

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